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Albany Campus Residence Hall

Albany Campus Residence Hall

Alpha Psi Omega (Troy)

Alpha Psi Omega

American Institute of Graphic Art (Albany) (AIGA)

AIGA is the American Institute of Graphic Artists, a nationally recognized organization for designers. The Sage College of Albany AIGA is about following the standards of AIGA on a national level.

Anime Club (Albany)

Anime Club is a place where people who enjoy Japanese animated shows and Japanese music can gather around and have fun together

Anime Club (Troy)

Our purpose is to enlighten individuals about the Japanese culture as well as their influence on American culture. This club is to bring members of the "geek" community together in order to socialize with other "geeks: in a non judgmental environment.

ASAP- Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention

ASAP- Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention

Association of Campus Events (Albany) (A.C.E.)

A.C.E. brings a wide variety of social and cultural entertainment to campus. Students are encouraged to be a part of A.C.E., not only to improve their social life on campus, but also to assist in choosing performers and events for the upcoming semesters.

Association of Computing Machinery (Albany) (ACM)

The local chapter of ACM is to involve the campus community in current topics in technology.

Baking Club (Troy)

To bring people together to enjoy baking together. It will also be teaching baking basics, recipes, and tips.

Basic (Troy)


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